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24 Hour Facility

Tired of Traditional Gym Setups?

Are you tired of squeezing workouts into rigid gym schedules? Fed up with crowded gyms and waiting for equipment? Just want space to do your own workout routine without feeling boxed into cookie-cutter programs?

We get it. Traditional gym setups simply don't work with busy, dynamic modern lifestyles. That's why NC Open Gym offers something different - a gym where you control your workout schedule, environment and programs to fit your life, goals and personality. Read on to learn more!

24/7 Access: Workout On Your Time

NC Open Gym operates 24/7 so you can workout whenever it fits your schedule best. Get your sweat on early in the morning before work or knock out a late night workout after a long day.

With our around-the-clock access, there's no need to rush out halfway through your training because the gym is closing. The equipment, amenities and space is open for you all day and night.

Top Equipment for Your Unique Workouts

Our gym is stacked with a wide range of top-tier equipment to fuel your custom workouts. Find precisely what you need with a huge selection including:

Strength and Cardio Equipment

Functional Training Gear

With so much gear, you'll never wait around for things to free up. The gym is thoughtfully designed so you can always access the equipment your workout routine requires.

Build 100% Your Own Workout Routine

While NC Open Gym has knowledgeable trainers available for hire, the gym give you ultimate flexibility to create customized workout plans tailored to your goals.

Empower yourself to take charge of your own training based on your needs and preferences, whether that's powerlifting, CrossFit, general fitness or a fusion of multiple disciplines. Our space and amenities are set up to support building your ideal training environment.

A Positive Community Full of Possibilities

In addition to the facilities and equipment, our members make up an encouraging, close-knit community focused on their own health and fitness journeys. You'll find a welcoming, judgment-free vibe and supportive peers who motivate each other.

With our diverse membership, you'll find like-minded people to connect with regardless of your experience level or interests.


If you're seeking a flexible, around-the-clock gym where you control your workout destiny, NC Open Gym is for you. From personalized workout routines to a supportive member community, we've created a space to empower your fitness on your own terms.

Ready to claim the training flexibility and possibilities you want? Check out our membership options and schedule a visit to experience NC Open Gym for yourself!